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In neighboring regions, there is the Hellenistic / Roman city of Perge, which is rated second after Ephesus and the great amphitheater of Aspendos that still today can hold nearly 15.000 viewers. Nearby as well are the fantastic Manavgat Falls and the Roman city of Side with its large amphitheater. Only a few miles to the west is Antalya with its surprising harbour and ancient city.
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Perge lies 18 km East from Antalya with its colonnaded streets, agora, bath, stadium and theatre. The Hittites settled in this area in 1500 BC and St. Paul stopped here on one of his journeys during the time. Perge was an important city of ancient Pamphylia. The stage of the theatre has very nice marble relief work.

The theater's stage has finely carved marble reliefs; other carvings from around the city are displayed in the stadium. Amateur archaeologists will want to see the handsome city gate flanked by two lofty towers, a long colonnaded road once paved with mosaics and lined with shops, a large agora, the public baths and a gymnasium.

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A photogenic Seljuk bridge crosses from Belek the Kopru river from the road to Aspendos. The road continues past the Aspendos Jewelery Center to the Aspendos.

Aspendos is one the best preserved theatres of the antique world seating 15,000. The galleries, stage decorations and the acoustics all reflect the success of the architect. Close to the theatre the remains of an aqueduct can be seen, which was the largest in Anatolia. Aspendos is 49 km East of Antalya and is reached by crossing the Köprü River over a very old Seljuk bridge

If you have ever wondered how gold dust becomes a fine piece of art or how precious stones are engraved, be sure to visit the Aspendos Jewelery Center, where jewelery making can be observed at every stage in the large workshop.

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Side is 70 km East of Antalya. It is one of the best known classical sites in Turkey. Side was an ancient harbor whose name meant pomegranate. Today a pretty resort town, its ancient ruins, two sandy beaches, many shops and extensive tourist accommodation attract throngs of visitors. The magnificent theatre of the ancient city, built on colonnaded arches, is the largest in the whole area. Next to the theatre is an agora.

The creamy white columns of the Apollo Temple make a striking contrast against the blue sea. Other monuments include the agora, the Apollo Temple, a fountain and necropolis. The extensive Roman bath, now a museum, houses one of Turkey's finest archaeological collections.

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Manavgat waterfalls

Although the Manavgat Waterfalls are not high, milky white, foaming water rushes powerfully over the rocks. Next to the waterfalls shady tea gardens and restaurants make the falls a pleasant, cool resting spot, especially welcome after a day of sightseeing. You can take a delightful boat trip up the Manavgat river to explore this lovely area further.


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